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5 Favorite Blogs On Raising Vegan Kids

Vegan Cooking
After completing my story cookbook Little Superhero Chefs’ Epicurean Adventures” for children, I am often asked, how to raise vegan children.

Children naturally love animals, but are conditioned to eating meat, fish and other animal products. Most people are unfamiliar on how to go vegan, let alone parents raising their children to live as vegans.

Many parents will go to extremes to have the best of everything for their babies, and yet overlook education about a whole foods plant based vegan diet for children.

Almost all seafood will run out by 2050, say scientists, including marine biologists. Environmental activist and marine scientist say that bluefin tuna, and other sea life, is in danger of going extinct.

We are in the midst of terrible ecological devastation. Raising animals for food, is the single greatest human-caused source of destruction to our environment. It is responsible for: greenhouse gases, water pollution, extinction, and rainforest deforestation.

If you don’t care to go vegan for animals, or for your health, it is hard to overlook the need to be vegan for our environment. After all, you want your children to have a world to live in, don’t you?

The animal products you consume, contribute to environmental degradation of the planet. It requires all of our attention and action, as planetary citizens.

Each of us can do something great or small everyday, about improving our world today, by taking what you eat seriously, as we should accept climate change.

By Going Vegan:
  • You protect your soil
  • You conserve your water
  • You help clearing your air
  • You help combat world hunger
  • You save animals, for you and your children

We must evolve and change our ways of wanton destruction. Children deserve to live on a planet that is thriving. We now have so many alternatives, there is no justification for consuming other living beings.

My 5 Favorite Blogs:

Vegan Momma

The Vegan Mom

Raising Veg Kids

Raise Vegan

Dreena Burton 

Veganism is the solution! Veganism is our future!

Have a Hippie Dippy Vegan day!

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Judy Kohl

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  1. Thank you for this very insightful post. We should as parents educate ourselves first of what is happening out there and appreciate why vegan is the way to go, I shall read more about this and also involve my kids so I just dont make any decision for myself but my kids as well.

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