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Hi Hippie Dippy Vegan readers. You know when you hear something that is so amazing, that you must share it with everyone you know? Well this documentary is just that! What The Health – is a hard hitting investigative documentary that is extremely revealing, baring naked some of the worst things many already suspect are wrong with our food supply chain. As a vegan, this film opened up my eyes to even more of the corruption in the food industries. This film will hopefully help people “see” the truth. Not only for our planet, animals, but also for our health as individuals and our nation. The film examines the link between diet and disease, and the billions of dollars at stake in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industries. That is why I must share this with you.

This documentary also exposes corruption and collaboration between government and big business. The film is a follow-up from the creators of the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy. What The Health is shocking. This documentary is exposing these organizations as a major problem in our country, when they should be dedicating their time to finding cures, are simply taking money to pay executive management, while not taking care of the sick and infirm. Further, the organizations that claim to be looking for cures for many illnesses, accept money from big food corporations and pharmaceutical companies that make profits by making people unhealthy, and even sick. How can these organizations take this dirty money? How backwards is that? It might even be blood money.

Many documentaries are made to inspire us to do our own research and draw our own conclusions, using information they provide us. This is one of those documentaries. I encourage you as strongly as possible, to watch this documentary. You might be horrified by what you will learn, but there it is. Act now when and where you can.

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