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Books¬†open many doors, and are empowering. They relax the body, and calm the mind, and provide educational opportunities, which changes lives. This is an important point, because in this modern busy world, we seem to have forgotten how to relax, and especially how to be silent. ūüôā¬†

Reading is fun. With a large variety of genres, there’s something for everyone. Your body needs movement, and that means your brain needs movement in thought, too. It has been proven that reading has a great effect on our brains. Reading is demanding in a neurological way, requires concentration and intellectual activity.

Some of my favorite books on veganism

These vegan books below are just a few of my top favorite books about veganism. The cookie book is a must have! ūüôā There is an endless amount of books on veganism. Bean by Bean: A cookbook: More than 175 recipes for fresh beans, dried beans, cool beans, hot beans, savory beans, even sweet beans!¬†Beans are super nutritional too.¬†

Dr. Greger came to our town, and I was fortunate to hear his lecture about living on a plant based diet. Of course, I purchased his bestseller book, "How Not To Die" and he autographed it. Awesome! There must have been over 500 people in the auditorium. That is a lot for a small town.

What a fantastic feeling, to know that all the people were there to hear what he had to say. Each day more and more people are making the connection to the truth about the industrial food corporations, and the lies we have been fed for years.  

Happy Reading! 

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The More you Read



Replacing animal foods and highly refined carbs with whole plants and

healthy fats is the proven way to lower cholesterol and reduce risk of heart disease.     Exercise is good for your heart. 

A Very Influential Book Written in 1971 That Created Paths For Vegans To Walk


Frances Moore Lappe- In 1971,  released Diet for a Small Planet. It sold over 3 million copies and shattered the idea the meat consumption is necessary for adequate protein intake. Lappe has been instrumental in detailing the relationship between world hunger and the squandering of grains to livestock by affluent societies that desire meat. Committed to solutions to world hunger and poverty, Lappe cofounded Food First, an institute for food and development policy, as well as The Center of Living Democracy. To date, she has authored 15 books and received 15 honorary doctorates from distinguished institutions.  


More Incredible Vegan Books

How Not to Die

Forks Over Knives

Foods For The Brain



Vegan Cookies Invade your Cookie Jar

Cookbook Family

Vegan -The Happy Vegan Book

Vegan Is Love Book

Always Be Kind Book


Why we love dogs-eat pigs and wear cows

Vegan -Being Vegan Book

Never Too Late to Go Vegan


The Vegan Stoner Cookbook

Engine 2 Book

Diet for a new world Books

Main Street Vegan Book

Vegan For Life Book

Becoming Vegan

The China Study Book

Vegan Freak Book



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