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Little Superhero Chefs' Epicurean Adventures


Woo Hoo! My children’s cookbook is here! Vegan of course!

I am an author on a mission: I want to help bring awareness to young children about the importance of healthy eating in a way that is both fun and engaging.

I have always had a strong passion for education and working with small children. At the age of 26, I owned and taught at a Montessori-based preschool. My granddaughter’s “selective” eating led me to research innovative ideas that introduce young children to a variety of foods in a positive and fun manner. I combined my love of animals, being a vegan, and my work as a preschool teacher to create a unique story cookbook that is designed for the young reader. My desire is to educate people about veganism with a soft touch.

This book humorous approach keeps kids laughing while they are learning how to prepare meals and develop teamwork skills. The goal behind this book and upcoming books is to actively involve children. The fun and creative stories behind every simple, healthy vegan recipe teach children about trying new foods, staying healthy, and the importance of exercising.

Little Superhero Chefs’ Epicurean Adventures is a fun-filled cookbook that includes five easy, healthy, kid-approved recipes, providing children with an “I can do it all by myself” attitude of self-assurance. Children are invited to enter the kitchen with the Little Superhero Chefs, featuring a captivating animal cast: a pig named Solomon, a sheep named Terry, a cow named Gretta, and a chicken named Roney. These adorable, cheery, and lovable characters introduce cooking in an action-packed way while teaching the importance of exercise and sharing interesting health facts. All recipes are made with vegan ingredients and no added sugar. Every day, more people are embracing the health benefits of a plant-based (vegan) diet and emphasizing having meals at home. It is important to begin educating children earlier in life about the nutritional value of the food they eat. One fundamental way to teach children about healthy eating habits is to involve them in the process. The experience of creating meals together with grown-ups can help build self-confidence in children and encourage them to try new foods. With colorful, wonderful illustrations by Ana Marquez and animated text by Judy Kohl, Little Superhero Chefs’ Epicurean Adventures empowers children to experiment with food and, more important, to have fun!

A mom’s group shared their photos with me. These cute boy chefs’ made Ants On A Log!

Chef Alex and Chef James ~ They did such a great job!

Little Superhero Chefs'
Ants On A Log
Little Superhero Chefs'
They aren’t really ants. They are raisins!
Little Superhero Chefs'
We LOVE love peanut butter!
Little Superhero Chefs'
Yummy for my tummy!















Hi Judy: Many thanks for sharing your delightful cookbook for kids. My three-year-old daughter is both a selective eater and an eager helper in the kitchen, so your book came to me at a perfect time! I’m sure that many adults–parents, grandparents, and other caregivers–are in the same predicament as I am, and your book is a wonderful asset to all of us.

 ~ Georgette Beatty

Adorable book for elementary libraries or families that love to cook and for those who wish to be vegan! Adorable book! Has recipes that are both healthy and sound tasty and yet are still Vegan. Suitable for Elementary age students, their classrooms, their libraries and their families. I love the idea that aprons are just superhero capes on backwards!

~ Liberian

The illustrations are charming, fun and entertaining. Our group of children from 3-12 thoroughly enjoyed reading the cute storybook line, while making one of the recipes we chose. “Ants On a Log” was the winner! The author’s impressive talent for breaking down important messages about healthy eating and exercising is super creative. The boys decided next time that they want to make the “Green Monster Smoothies!” The author was creative with how she introduced veganism. Later that evening, my son, requested that I read the book to him for bedtime. It is not only a book for the kitchen, but a great bedtime story too. (Just reading the storyline without the recipes) I give this book 5 stars out of 5.

~ Amanda Flynn

Little Superhero Chefs'