Top 5 Things Meat Eaters Say To Vegans

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Meat eaters questions to vegans – My Top 5! 

“The human tendency is to believe anything that comforts, and deny what discomforts, so that unpleasant truths are simply ignored.”  

~ Anonymous 

  1. Where do you get your protein from, because I need protein?

We all know that protein is important for your health, and for brain function in order for us to function. The issue is most people choose to view protein as meat. However, we can no longer deny that meat consumption is causing our major health, environmental, humanitarian and economic problems.

Plants are the perfect and healthiest alternative. Yes, plants have protein and plenty of it too. My protein comes from mainly green leafy plants, beans, tofu, quinoa, soy milk, artichokes, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, oatmeal, chia seeds, tempeh, flax seeds, spinach, peanut butter, and there are plenty of more protein vegan sources. (Everything highlighted in pink is a complete protein). Complete proteins are easy to obtain, and we don’t need to eat complete proteins at every meal, but you should. Lentils have 9 grams of protein per half cup and have almost 15 grams of fiber. Black beans are a rich source of antioxidants, and one of the most nutritional of all beans.

**Combining beans, legumes and grain make a complete protein. Example: Corn tortillas with beans  or Rustic Pinto Bean Chili. Don’t forget to add all the delicious toppings too. 🙂

It is a misconception, a lie spread by the meat industry, that meat is the healthiest source of protein. There is no protein in meat that a plant-based diet cannot provide; it is impossible to become protein deficient, unless you don’t eat properly. As you can see, there is a nearly endless amount of protein sources without eating meat. (Complete Proteins)

2. We are meant to eat meat. It is part of nature. Aren’t you going against nature?

Our love affair with commercial meat for protein is less than a hundred years old. Look at our teeth, jaws and digestive system, clearly if humans were still meant to consume meat, we wouldn’t have so many obvious digestive similarities to animals that are herbivores,  and that starts with your teeth.

We eat meat, because we have been culturally programmed to eat meat. All other animals eat their meat raw. We can easily live without eating meat and killing animals. We would all be healthier if we did.

I am in the dental field, and have seen meat in the teeth of our patients, thinking they just brushed and flossed. The meat had been lodged in their teeth, rotting and decaying.

Furthermore, humans cook their meat and season it to alter the taste of the flesh. If meat is so delicious then why not consume it like “nature” intended?

“It is time to no longer deny what is true. Time to take our heads out of the sand. Watch videos, read books, educate yourself on factory farming and how your “healthy” meat is produced.”

~ Judy Kohl Reasons-HippieDippyVegan

3. You can’t change the world.

It seems the minute people realize you are a not a meat eater, their defenses go up, and start questioning you, as if you are doing something wrong. I have been told several times, that I am just one person, and can’t possibly make a difference. Many people have helped change the world. It takes only one person, and then another person, and soon the world does change.

Here are a few amazing people who changed the world;

According to PETA 198 animals per year per vegan are not produced to be killed.

That is only one person!

“People can save the world by the way they think and by the way they behave and what they hold to be important.

~ Cyndi Lauper

4. I don’t kill the animals directly, so I am not a part of supporting the factory farm industry.

Factory farming is the #1 cause of animal cruelty in the world today. It involves treating animals as commodities, instead of living breathing creatures that feel. All the farm factories value is profit.

Factory farming has been deliberately hidden from the public eye. The industry has lied to us for many decades, conditioning us to believe that eating meat is healthy.

Farm factories take food and farmland that could be used to feed many people, and instead use it to feed animals. This replaces rangelands with millions of acres of genetically engineered grains destined for factory farms, where millions of animals are crammed into confined spaces, living in unnatural environments, inhumane conditions, and unhealthy.

Most people don’t want to cause the suffering or death of innocent beings. I believe that most people have that same internal philosophy. Most of us would be horrified to witness abuse and neglect of an animal.

There is a reason that we don’t talk about slaughterhouses, and it is kept in the dark hidden closet. We simply pay others to do it for us. The disconnection allows us to maintain our image that we are not directly involved with the suffering of an innocent being for our food consumption.

We are born loving animals, and having empathy. We began to lose our empathy for animals as we began to be cultivated by society. We soon accept the greatest lie ever told by the greedy farm factories, that only care about profit.

We must end factory farming, and the only way to boycott factory farms is not purchasing meat from them and other animal products. When you purchase meat from them, you are supporting them.

5. Animals don’t have feelings!

What? Seriously?

Animals are living, breathing beings who can feel fear, joy, pain, pleasure and sorrow. At the very least they are owed a life and protection from cruel treatment. They are consciously aware, and animals like pigs are some of the most intelligent on the planet. Factory farmed animals are selectively bred to produce the maximum amount, all for profit. One of the main reasons they suffer in factory farming, is the fact that they are forced to produce too much for their own bodies to bear.

Chickens raised for meat are bred to grow so fast, that some quickly become unable to support their own weight, leaving them unable to walk or even stand. Hens lay eggs over and over, until their bones become brittle, and many live with the pain of broken bones. Baby calves are taken away at birth to be destroyed or slaughtered, while their mothers cry in agony. They are also bred over and over, so humans can enjoy dairy products, that are in fact, damaging to bone health. The horrifying list goes on and on.

Milk Fracture


Animals raised for food are denied the same legal protection from cruelty as dogs or cats, and governments, retailers and animal industries would prefer it remain that way. They know, as we do, that since all animals share an ability to suffer we have an ethical responsibility to protect them from harm. Treating pigs, cows and chickens that are farmed for profit inhumanely, is legal. If you were to do the same to a dog or cat, it could result in criminal cruelty charges.

How can we, as a civilized society, be so disconnected to the fact that all living creatures have feelings? Just the other day while talking to an acquaintance, he strongly brushed off the idea of farm animals having feelings. He snickered at the idea that this could even be a possibility, then began making “pig” sounds to taunt me.

Has society become so numb to the pain a living creature can feel? How is it that we spend over $60 billion a year taking care of our beloved pets, and then eat the flesh of other animals?

We have been programmed since childhood to love certain animals, and to eat other animals. Children’s books are illustrated with cute happy farm animals in fields with texts that read, “Cows are for milk, chickens are for eggs.” The lies and conditioning have already begun.

It clearly wouldn’t be appropriate to write, “Cows are for steaks, and chickens are for chicken tenders.” We would never directly tell our children this. How horrifying would that be?

Think about it! If it is too horrible to tell our children that their pork sandwich is from a pig, like “Peppa The Pig”, then shouldn’t we take a look at what we are accepting as a society?

It is time to awaken and remove are heads from the sand to the horrors of the inhumane treatment we inflict on all living creatures.

…feeling groovy because vegan is peace and love.

Judy Reasons-HippieDippyVegan





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